eFinancialCareers Separation FAQs

  1. Will the service eFinancialCareers provides me with change?
    There will be no changes to the high standard of service you have learnt to expect from eFinancialCareers, in fact our service will only improve as eFinancialCareers becomes truly dedicated to only serving the unique needs of the financial services sectors.

  2. Will this impact the performance of eFinancialCareers' products/services?
    There will be no impact to the performance of eFinancialCareer’s product/services. Operating as an independent company, eFinancialCareers will have the ability to invest significantly more in its product and services, enabling eFinancialCareers to be your marketplace destination.

  3. What are the benefits I can expect from this change?
    eFinancialCareers will operate strategically with a more agile focus enabling the business to adapt to a changing environment. Greater product bandwidth will allow for increased speed in feature developments and releases.

  4. Will my account manager/point of contact change?​
    There will be no change to your day to day eFinancialCareers contacts including your account manager and customer success representative.

  5. Will my contract change?
    There will be no change to your contract, you will not need to sign a new contract.

  6. What happens to my ongoing contract (multiyear)?​
    There will be no change to your ongoing multi-year contract, you will not need to sign a new contract.

  7. Are the order form rules changing?​
    There will be no change to the details on the order form.

  8. Do we need to sign new T&Cs?​
    You will not need to sign new Terms and Conditions.

  9. Will there be significant price changes?​
    No, we reserve the right to raise your prices annually in line with our existing T’s and C’s and this does not change. There will be no price changes in relation to the separation of eFC from DHi.

  10. Will I still be invoiced by the same business entity?​
    Yes, you will continue to be invoiced by eFinancialCareers as per your previous agreements.

  11. Does this present any risk to my investment in your company?​
    No, we are well funded from a cash and working capital stand point and are a profitable stand-alone entity.  DHi remain a significant but minority shareholder in the business.